Industrial Pumps

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Pressure Boosting systems/Pumps (PBS)/(CGHM & CGVM Series)

Pressure Boosting Pump systems help to maintain a constant set pressure in the delivery pipeline. As soon as the set pressure in the pipeline drops, the pump will start, and will stop once the pressure is achieved.

Applications :

 Water supplied by a municipality

 Distance is too far away from the main supply

 Back pullout Pump Dealers More pressure needed because of the particularity of an installation..

Why PBS ?

 No overhead (Roof top) tank required.

 Guaranteed constant pressure in every tap.

 No complex piping required.

 Auto On/Off, Dry run and other controls avoid manual Interaction to operate the pump.

 Massive power saving as the pumps are operated only as per water requirement.

 VFD controls to start and stop the pumps results better performance

 Easy to maintain.

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